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Camping for Beginners to be Effective, Fun, and Fun

For the first time camping? Confused what to do? What should be bought and prepared? Beginners who do the first time to sleep in the open activities will feel bothered in preparing all the needs associated with camping. Many things into consideration. Starting from what equipment to bring, what food to eat, safe or not at the camping site, the gripping night situation, and other considerations. This beginners camping tips I present in order to guide those who really want to feel the atmosphere of camp or camping for the first time. Here are some camping tips that you can make reference to the camping activities are fun and fun. This camping equipment is usually a tent, sleeping bag, and mattress. These items are basic equipment in camping. For tents choose a practical but comfortable and powerful tent like alps mountaineering lynx 1.

Adjust the capacity of the tent with the inhabitants inside the tent, this is to keep the air temperature in the tent. Such as when you go with the number of 2 people, use a tent with a capacity of 2 to 4 people, it aims to make the temperature inside the tent easily affected by our body temperature. Tents should not be too loose and not too full, to keep the temperature inside the tent so as not too cold or too hot.

For sleeping bags, just standard ones. The most important thing can warm us at bedtime at night. And for the mattress is usually of a soft rubber sponge material. The default is like that often used by soldiers who like rolling. For supplies or logistics take them as needed according to the length of time we camp. Some supplies to be prepared include heavy foods such as rice, snacks, drinking water, matches, small knives, flashlights, hiking boots, backpacks, change of clothes, sweaters, socks, toiletries, cookware, warm gloves , (hat warm), first aid if necessary, and personal medicines such as wound medicine (betadine), cotton, and eucalyptus oil.