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Humor in Public Speaking

Humor is an important “spice” for tasting in Public Speaking Training or your Public Speaking Seminar. Therefore, interrupt some humor that has to do with your material. Humor can come from your experience or from the experience of others. Humor is better not to offend the Tribe, Religion, and Race. Therefore, Adam Christing is your one reference to mastering public speaking with the addition of humor. You can also invite Adam Christing to become the performer you will be performing, it is a good idea because you will present speakers that will make your audience laugh and make the atmosphere not boring.

In addition, here are some tips on Humor based on the best presentation skill!

1. If using humor as an opening make sure the story is a rarely told story, funny and you master the details of the story so that the person who is listening will definitely laugh.

2. Never say I will tell a funny story.

3. Make your humor relevant to the topics to be covered. Remember the word Aristotle the secret of humor is a surprise. So again do not tell me the outdated humor or humor you read in social media.

4. Watch your intonation and choice of words and body language should support the humor you are describing.

In addition, here are some types of humor that you can pass on to audients!
1. Sex-related humor

2. Ethnic or racial-related humor (make sure you are not offensive to other races/ethnicities) and you should be the same ethnic group as your source of humor.

3. Religious-related humor (make sure you do not offend other religions) and preferably you are the same religion as your source of humor.

4. Political-related humor

5. Humor related to personal experience

6. Humor related to other people’s experiences

Last but not least, you can also get some humor references from friends, magazines, newspapers, humor books, or comedy TV shows