Famous Films

After she was crowned as Miss Malaysia in 1983 held in Australia and became a representative of the Miss World beauty pageant  in London in the same year, her name began to rise to fame especially when she appeared in a television commercial with the famous martial arts film actor Jackie Chan. Her acting career started in action and martial arts films where she did her stunts in the film Yes, Madam in 1985. Her stage name from that time is Michelle Khan but later, used her real name Michelle Yeoh.

After the success of her first film, she had another successful film project which is the Police Story 3: Supercop in 1992. Her name was even more recognized by the viewers in Malaysia, China, United States, and other countries worldwide. In 1993, she had  many successful movies entitled Holy Weapon, The Heroic Trio, Butterfly and Sword, Executioners, Once a Cop, and Tai Chi Master. The famous films,  Memoirs of a Geisha in 2005, Reign of Assassins in 2010, and The Lady in 2011 made her more popular.

Almost every year, she had film projects starting in 1984. After her marriage, she stopped acting and then returned when they divorced. She again worked hard as an actress that made us fans feel glad with that fact. In 1992, she came back and started to accept many film projects. In 1995, 1998, 2001, 2003, and 2009, she didn’t had any projects due to some reasons but the rest of the years, she even worked harder and became more popular. For sure, she will be having more projects in the future.