2017’s Top 5 Richest Celebrities in Malaysia

There are famous people in the world who are known to be very rich due to their own hard work. In Malaysia, there are the top 10 famous celebrities who are the richest in the country and the list is of 2017. Some of these celebrities are known to be a famous singer, actress, model, fashion designer, TV presenter, Ambassador, actor, screen writer, producer, film industry singer, television show host, business owner, and a supermodel. The first on this list is Michelle Yeoh who is the richest actress in Malaysia.

Her net worth as of 2017 is 245 million U.S dollar. She is so famous because of her talent in acting especially in many action movies. Next to her is Ling Tan who is known as the most famous Malaysian supermodel. She participated in many fashion shows and has become a big player of international modeling. Her net worth is 60 million dollars. The third on this list is Siti Nurhaliza having a net worth of 17 million dollars. She is a famous singer of Malaysia. Get the best catering service of your food from this restaurant. You can read here caterertaiwan.com to check their food being serve. One of the best service of foods in Taiwan.

Aside from being a famous singer, she is also a television presenter and a businesswoman. Maya Karin, the fourth on this list is one of the most popular, established, and leading actress in Malaysia with a net worth of 14 million dollars. She is also a film industry singer and television show host. Lastly, Bront Palarae , a famous actor, screen writer, and a producer have a net worth of 8 million dollars. These are the top 5 richest celebrities in Malaysia as of 2017.